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Hebden Bridgen is a small village located in the Yorkshire area. I stayed at home Martyn and his family. He is a regular rider for many years and who likes off-roading with his KTM. They live in a lodge close to Hebden Bridge. I spent a couple of very nice days with family and Kevin, the dog is very cute. Those moments are very good to stay with a family, plus they are super nice. One day I went on tour with Rosie who speaks “Mexican” because he lived in the D.F a while; We visited the house where the writer lived Brontë sisters and then explore a cemetery to see the grave of the poet Sylvia Plath.



This area is beautiful. Another day in the morning I went with Kate and Kevin to walk through the valley where they live and there are several farms scattered out there that date back many years. That area is super nice, feeling and living in the countryside.

For the weekend, Liam had recommended me to go to Green Dragon that is within Yorkshire Dales, a couple of kilometers of Hawes. It is an old pub dating from the thirteenth century, includes lodging, camping area and a stunning waterfall  



That same weekend Martyn was also to attend because there was a meeting of motorcyclists, some of them have made trips around the world or several countries. There I met David, Ted and Stan, among others. I love this English motorcycle community. I learned a lot from them and they are super cool, we shared many laughs.


On Saturday we went Martyn, David and I to roll off-road. I rode as pillion in Martyn’s bike. Riding off-road was an amazing experience, you can literally get to anywhere in the mountains. We went to a pub located on the highest point in England and to another spot to see a sculpture, you just can arrive at this place by walking or  with that kind of bikes . A beautiful landscape !!






My new friends were camping and to me every time I was more eager to do the same. It is cheaper, funnier, free and easy to meet people and motorcyclists.





Hawes is one the most popular places on weekends, many motorcyclists, mainly from the area of Yorkshire and Lake District meet.

Leaving Hawes, I went to visit the oldest caves in England







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