Leeds: renovation in an English channel

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After Stonehenge I went to Oxford to see one of the most important University towns in England and see some schools type “Harry Potter” and where distinguished writers studied here and were inspired by this city to write some of their masterpieces. Writers such as  J.R. R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis studied here. One day I went to a super old pub called Turf Tavern, good place to spend the afternoon drinking beer and writing or talking. When Harry Potter was  filmed here, the production crew and actors used to come here. Bill Clinton who also studied in this city used to come to this pub when he was young.




Leaving Oxford I rode on the bike to Nottingham just to stop and rest a couple of days before heading to the area of Yorkshire. But along the way I was feeling a downer (now I think it was a mix of fever and fatigue). I took a side road but seemed like a motorway. At some point I had to stop because I was feeling very bad. In Nottingham literally I did not know much of the city just walked a bit around and within 2 days I left. It was time to continue.


I had decided to go to Bramley near Leeds because Liam had invited me. He is a guy who made a great trip on a C90 through Europe and Africa.

On my way I visited Sherwood Forest, the sames of Robin Hood.



For me these were a few days of recovery and renovation to take a lot of energy for the trip. I had a great time with him, it is as if we were old friends. I met one of his friends, his father and other neighbors who live in a Marina, in one of the most important English channels in the country.



On Sunday we went on the boat of his father to ride on the canal with him and another friend, the most fun was that I helped Liam to open and close some bridges along the canal so the boat could pass, sometimes we had to stop the car traffic and we had to give moral support each other against stress of motorists.


In addition we went to some very old pubs as one near his home and to Leeds, to know the city and where the channel begins. With him I learned a tasty recipe coffee with a touch of milk and honey. Now I always bring with me honey to prepare my coffee 🙂


Another day I rode on my bike to York, a historical city and is beautiful so old it is, also with the influence of Vikings.


I really spent great time over there with excellent company, I hope to return one day.



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