Adjusting the bike. Stonehenge.

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Sue led me to take the exit to Stonehenge, she in his car and me on the bike.

It was the first time I drove really alone on UK roads. At first I was nervous because I was leading me by the routes marked me Sue, not the GPS.

Before reaching Stonehenge the bike started to slow down and suddenly went out. As the bike had momentum, I put the directional light of the left side so the cars behind me could to slow down then I tried to park, but there was not much room to move aside. I was scared to think what would have happened if this happened to me in a curve or while taking a roundabout …

There came a motorcyclist and told me to call the insurance. I really did not want to do it because  it seemed a complication and maybe the problem of the bike was not so serious, I needed a few minutes to think. But first I had to move the bike to a safer place. The man told me that a few meters was a space bus stop, he stayed behind to escort and protect me from the cars. I tried to start the engine and set !! I went slowly with fear that off again. At the end we did not know what could have happened. He just left me his card and told me to call him for any emergency as he lived nearby.

Looking at the map I realized that I was close to the Stonehenge area, so after 15 minutes to confirm that the motorcycle turned on I went over there. I also saw that was also close to the hostel and there was still daylight.

After visiting Stonehenge I went to the hostel, but before I went to fill the gas tank. The hostel was literally in the middle of the field, there was not even a town, just a couple of farms. It was perfect to rest.

The next day I tried the bike and worked well, just pulled a little to change speeds.

I could not go get a mechanic in the next town due shops were closed because it was Sunday. But I realized that there was another motorcycle and was a guy who worked at the hostel, I talked to him what had happened with the bike and he told me that he could review it because he also worked in a garage.

The conclusions were:

• The oil level was low, so I had to put more.

• The battery was fine.

• The air filter was fine.

• The spark plug  was dirty, after cleaning was better, but I was recommended to change it.

This guy, Adam, recommended to me a store called Halford’s to buy oil and a new spark plug. Next day I bought them and added oil, but I needed some help to change the spark plug…

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