New Forest, riding with WIMA members

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One of our stops due the heavy rain in a gas station

One weekend I went with Sue to a birthday party at New Forest. On the way we met with her friend Jessie from London and who also belongs to WIMA GB. We were in a service station because the rain didn’t let us continue even if we lifte up our visor.


I was privileged riding with Sue and Jessie on the roads of England.


With Jessie and Sue, WIMA members






That weekend we camped in the garden of the house where the party was  taking place, it was fun and interesting to meet many people men and women, most of them motorcyclists, some of them started riding on their 20 years old and have spent more than 40 years riding. They all look much younger than their chronological age. I admire them a lot, that have spend almost all their life riding.




On Sunday we went to the Sammy Miller museum, there were a motorcyclists meeting and exhibition of vintage motorcycles. I jumped on a 1910 bike, a true relic. The museum is amazing because you can see a wide variety of motorcycles from the early twentieth century, some used in WW II, the first Norton, etc.


It is clear to me that riding motorcycles makes you feel and look younger, maybe it’s the mix of adrenaline and a bit of madness ?


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