London: Ace Café and The Bike Shed

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London was a city I really liked, make you want to stay longer to experience the city.

This time I decided to leave the bike at Sue´s place and go by train to London. I stayed with Jessie, who has a beautiful garden that looks like a small forest, not even feel like you’re in the city.

Ace Café

On a rainy afternoon I went to the famous Ace Cafe London, where the Ace Cafe was origanally. There I met Olly who is manager of the place and has a Swiss-born Italian side. We talked for hours and let me see several books, one of them with the history of the place.

I gave him one of my stickers and he put it on the wall of the store. It’s great for me, I am present at the Ace Café in London !! : D

He invited me to one of the international rolls organized each year, called the Brighton Up!

And he told me about a riding he atends called “Elefantentreffen”. It is a weekend camp in the mountains of Germany in January, in the winter !! ??

I found this article with photos and looks stunning:

Elefantentreffen Is the Most Bizarre Motorcycle Rally You’ve Never Heard Of

The Bike Shed.

Another day I went to The Bike Shed, a beautiful place in London with sale / exhibition of motorcycles, barbershop, restaurant and shop. There I met Kiki, one of the girls who organizes and participates in the Babes Ride Out of California, USA and who with VC girls London are organizing the UK version. She invited me to this roll, because I told them about the trip I’m doing on a motorcycle 🙂

It is clear to me that this is one of my favorite places. Here is some history of The Bike Shed:


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