From Canterbury to Brighton, on 35 kms/hr

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After having spent only two days in Canterbury, including attending a tour based on “The tales of Canterbury” (the book is much better), I was ready to leave town. I wish I had stayed another day, but couldn’t find lodging.
Before my departure I went to a shop that was recommended to me called EE Store, to buy a SIM card from UK with duration of one month and which could have internet, sms and calls. I learned that you need to have this while you are traveling.
 That afternoon I met Olivier, a guy from Belgium who was beginning a trip for a week in the UK, but driving a scooter ?
That afternoon we prepared to head to Brighon. At first we were guided by their routes on the map, but after a while of being lost decided that we would use the GPS. It is good to know use maps but when you get to a point where after more than half an hr still left 90 kms to arrive, it is time to use the technology.
At some point we stopped to get gas and eat, while on the road passed a guy on a motorcycle off-road without a helmet and only with a sweatshirt and hood up. This image made us laugh a good time. Although deep down we were a little tired and stressed because we still had a long way to get to Brighton and it was getting dark.
Along the way we passed super wooded areas with fog that reminded me of Emily Bronte’s novels and also seemed to me a little fearful, Frankesintein type.
After many hours riding -because we were 35 kms / hr, the scooter of Olivier did not allow for more. We finally arrived in Brighton at 11 pm. Super tired and had to leave the bikes in a designated motorcycle on the street.
The next day he went his way and I was contacted by one of the most recognized members of WIMA GB: Sue Barnes, we met to talk and invited me to stay at her home a couple of days.
GB WIMA (Women International Member Associstion from Great Britain) largemotorcycle is a club for female riders in Great Britain. I was lucky to meet one of her members in Brighton.
When I was at Sue’s she taught me how to check the basics on my bike such as: tyre pressure, oil, lub chain. I had a really good time with her and her friends.

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