Belgium: staying with motorcyclists 

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I left Bailleul almost at 1 pm, after giving my first lecture, which was a great opportunity and a good experience that I want to repeat.


I headed Tervuren, Belgium that is very close to Brussels. I would stay at David and his family. We contacted through a post that I put in the Facebook group of Horizons Unlimited, because I was looking where to leave the bike for a few days because I was going to go quick visit to Cologne to see my friends from HP (my previous job) that would be an event there.

Half of the route had moderate rain, but the last 8 kms to get to my destination were heavy rain and heavy traffic. These were the eight longest of my life kms. I had no choice but to follow and pass between cars. I got the helmet visor because I could not see through the rain drops just felt kind hail rain hurting the face. When I finally reached my destination was a relief. At David I met his lovely family who were very kind to me. That afternoon we talked about bikes and trips because David has gone on trips with the bike and Morocco. He is an experienced rider. It was very interesting to exchange experiences.

It was super nice to play with his little 2 year old boy, who loves motorbikes, until he climbed to mine 🙂

When I went to take the bus to Cologne, I thought about taking a Bla Bla Car but could not found a car, and David suggested I should take a bus, which was cheaper than the train. David and Kaarel (the boy), took me to the bus station in Brussels and accompanied me until I got on the bus, it was a super nice detail from them.

By the way sometimes when I speak, instead of saying etc. I say “blah blah” Kaarel heard this from me and started calling me Gaby-bla bla. Super sweet !!


Returning from Cologne I took another bus and decided to stay that weekend in Brussels to visit the city and going to bars.

Obviously the hit are the Belgian beers. I took a tour of beers from different bars and ended up at the Delirium, which is the bar with Guinness recognition for its greater variety of beers. Among the group I met Bernardo from Mexico. It’s always nice to find someone from your country and speak Spanish with Mexican slang.

Another day I met Raf, Belgian motorcyclist who had contacted me through one of the Facebook groups I follow, from motorcycles. We saw one of the matches of Euro in a bar. It was very interesting to live that environment. We were talking about motorcycles and travel, since he has also made long journeys by bike. At the end took me to my hostel on his Africa Twin bike, I love the sound of that bike!


When I arrived in Ghent, my challenge was also driving in the rain, were the slippery cobbled streets of the city center and take to the streets with tram rails. At times I felt that the bike tires were going to get stuck on the rails and was going to slip. Obviously that did not happen, but I was already stressed for driving in the rain.

In addition to this, Ghent has been one of my favorite cities for its history and architecture. It is a small city full of students with canals that cross the center and graffiti. Besides having an impressive museum that explains the history and development of the city.


My next stop would fast one day in Antwerp, to meet Maurice in Germany, and who had begun his motorcycle trip through Europe. I was invited to participate in the project. He is making a documentary through interviews with motorcyclists. It was a privilege to have been interviewed by him. During that period, I listened to myself and I realized everything I had lived in my motorcycle trip so far, life experiences, travel, people I’ve met, strangers and acquaintances who have helped me, encounters with old friends, new friends, etc.

In Antwerp we met with Wim, who has also traveled on his motorcycle to various places like Australia and Mongolia. He has vast experience traveling on a motorcycle.

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