Bailleul, between France and Belgium 

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Rainbow in Bailleul, France

I had planned my last stop in France would be in the north, near Lille. It chatting with Cécile, contacted me with her friend Marion who lives near Bailleul, a town near Lille. I stayed with her and her friends in a really interesting place and super nice people besides Marion, I met Angelo, the owner of the place, Gloria and her dog Jaz. They became my family in northern France for several days. 
The weather did not help me to continue my trip, it was raining hard almost every day. This place was about 50 meters from Belgium, it is a restaurant-hotel which is next to the old border crossing between France and Belgium. It is a place with over 100 years; in fact, Angelo showed me a picture of the place during the 1st World War with some tanks and trucks that had fallen into a hole made by a bomb.
With Angelo and Marion I tried to practice and improve my knowledge of French, while Angelo was improving his Spanish.

Every night had delicious dinners at home, and one of those nights I prepared Mexican food with ingredients that are sold there. I prepared guacamole and made chilaquiles with chicken, green pepper and tomato.



One day near the end of my stay I was on the bike to Bruges, a Belgian city that I really wanted to know. Arriving in the city left the bike in the main square and went to Historium, a museum where you can learn how was the Golden Age of medieval Bruges. In one of the lockers I left my bike suit because it was a lot of sun.

A funny anecdote is that I bought a waffle with strawberries and sat on the steps of an old door to eat with my motorcycle helmet aside, and a tourist took pictures of me, I think it was an original scene 🙂

Back home, my friends had organized a dinner to say goodbye, and among the guests met Myriam. Angelo already had told me of her and who teaches Spanish at a high school in Bailleul. Both talked in Spanish and then she invited me to give a talk to her students the next day. I was fascinated by the idea! It is something I want to do to encourage children and adolescents who can create their path in life, learn and do things, achieve what you want with perseverance. That night I prepared a small presentation and some of the videos that had rolled on a motorcycle.
The next day I presented my first lecture about me and my motorcycle trip, it was an excellent experience that I want to repeat.
After the conference I came home to finish packing my things. Angelo made me a rich paste for energy to continue the journey, and helped me put my stuff on the bike.

By taking the road again and say goodbye to the new friends I felt very homesick, because somehow I very special ties with them … but it’s part of traveling … learning to let go.

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