Again in Paris

Click aquí leer en Español: De vuelta a París

While I was in Bailleul, Cécile invited me a weekend to Paris to go together to a music festival electro-trance. As I could not continue traveling through the rain I decided to go and take a service Bla Bla Car.

It was a weekend where I met Paris from another perspective, is like to live there without sightseeing.

The festival was great fun. There I met Jess, Cécile friend, and with whom I spoke “in my basic French”. We left there type 6 or 7 am and go through some croissants. In Mexico after the party you go about tacos al pastor or El Borrego Viudo, if you’re in the DF haha.

The next night Jess and I had many adventures because we wanted to go to another festival on the outskirts of Paris, but it was canceled and postponed the scheduled departure of one of the trains, so we went to a Lebanese restaurant near the Gare du Nord, Jess and there met a friend who invited us to dinner. Already on the train we were talking, and when we were more concentrated in the talk about boys, we realized that we had passed our stop. We had to wait for the next train, and at the end we reached the festival but only for a short time because it was over soon.
Back in Paris we went to the area Pompidieu a super classic French restaurant that was still open at 2 am, where we ate a delicious onion soup. On the way back we passed near a church where there was a rehearsal for a concert of classical music, the sound of the piano echo sounded impressive.
The next morning I went to Pompidieu Center to take take some pictures from the top floor, and on the way back I saw many people on morning activities Sunday, exercising, going to cafes for breakfast, attending exhibitions and listening to street music . All this made me feel a special connection to Paris, a city that I really like and where I want to return.

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