Challenges on my way to Paris and new friends

Click here to read in Spanish: Retos camino a París y nuevos amigos


Beautiful spot on my way to Paris

On my route to Paris from Caen I had several challenges and stressful situations.

First, there was on the road  a long roundabout and getting there I noticed that the car coming from the left side was  turning and he wasn’t going to break, so I was moving  the handlebar to the right to take the curve of the roundabout but then I had to break immediately but there was gravel on the ground so the bike fell, I let it go and I jumped a little to not felling down too. Fortunately the car behind me kept away and the guy who was driving it helped me to set upright the bike because is super heavy for me and I cannot do it alone.

After recovering from the scare I calmed down because nothing serious happened, I had been helped and I was fine.


Roundabout with gravel

The next challenge was to find a gas station…with gasoline! I had heard since I was in Caen about the the strike in France and for that reason no gasoline available everywhere. I got to a gas station in a town but there was no gasoline. A man came to explain about the strike, we tried to speak and understand each other between French and English. I said I was running out of gasoline and was headed to Paris, that I am a Mexican girl traveling by motorcycle in Europe. I think he was curious with my adventure. But he helped me and gave me one or two liters of petrol (do not know what kind, but not the green of 95 that I usually put to my bike, but at the moment it didn’t matter). He said he had it to use it on his lawnmower at home and perhaps his wife will get upset because he wouln’t cut the grass but it was more important that I could ride until the next city where it was almost sure to find petrol.


Yellow plates. Motorcyclist from UK

After passing through Ruan I found a L’Eclerc that was a supermarket with petrol station. It was obvious that was the only place in the area with gasoline, it was full of cars. And there was a group of motorcyclists fromUK heading to La Rochelle, we started talking and told them where I am from and my route. We parted happy after filling our gas tanks.

The 3rd challenge was coming to Paris, I was super tired and heated, the weather during this route had been cold, then wet, then hot. It was Friday afternoon and there was a lot of traffic on the Champs Elysees, from a distance could see the Arc of Triumph and the GPS showed me I had to take almost all the way around to take the seventh exit. Arriving just at the monument, it was the craziest thing I saw, everyone was on his own way, between motos, cars, some bycicles, it was like jumping into the defile. I only didn’t turn back, only watching among my sides and taking my exit. I did it!

The best thing about that day was arriving safe and sound at my friend’s  Damian, Toni and Elisa’s home.

My last challenge was to change and buy a new battery and regulator for the bike. I was glad that that issue happened still in Paris and not on the road. It’s very importat to have a budget for bike unexpected emergencies.


Taking a break just before heading to Paris

Those days were for relaxing go to museums (though in Paris there are always museums and exhibitions to visit), learn more French with the help of my friends, listen to music and make new friends.

Among those friends I met Cécile, who speaks Spanish and we get along great, she is super cool. We were all in a bar listening a concert of friends of them, this band is “3615 Brass Band” where I also met Marien, a talented musician and charming French guy.




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