Caen, Normandy WWII

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Caen, Normandy, France


Arromanches, Normandy, France

I rode to Arromanches, one of the WWII (World War II) beaches where an artificial port was built and is still there. Rony recommend  to me to go to the 360 Cinema to watch a 20 minutes film overview film of the WWII.

I was looking forward to go to Normandy to know more about the D-Day on those beaches.


Arromanches, cinema 360

In Arromanches arrived around 2 pm, I couldn’t find the entrance to the cinema, so I found a street surrounded by houses near by and parked the bike with my stuffs over there, blocking the handlebar and putting the block in the front break wheel. I only took my backpack with my laptop and gadgets (gps, spot and go pro).

During the film your feelings get more sensitive also your thoughts when you seee all those real scenes, you get moved and thinking about the world nowadays and the human relationships that we have now.


Leaving Arromanches I was heading to Caen, the city that would be my base during 3 days in Normandy. On the route among the countryside I was imaging to the soldiers walking for the same road on the 40’s, how were they?, what were they thinking or feeling? knowing they were in the middle of a war.


Bayeux, Normandy, France

Another thing I liked about Normandy were the stone build churches.


Bayeux, Normandy, France

There’s an impressive museum called “Memorial” where in a detailed way is explained through graphics and audiovisual material about the WWI, WWII and the Cold war.


By knowing more of these wars we can understand the world in which we live now and what is certainly true is to work on build through education, sharing, learning and exploring. We must put our grain of sand to promote these concepts and values, because things in all countries of the world are not good. We need peace and union.


One of the beaches of D-Day


Hole made by one of the bombs dropped off during the landing on Normandy



American cementery in Normandy


Chapel in the American cementery in Normandy

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