Pleine-Fougères, countyside of Bretagne: Mont St Michel y St Malo

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On route to Bretagne


Time to clean the visor, obstruction of the nature


Parked on the hostel: “It’s a bed on the baie”

This would be my first experience in Europe using Airbnb and I have to say that one of my best. I stayed in Pleine-Fougères in an old, but warm house which is a hostel and is running by the nice  and excelent host Ronny with Irish roots. This place is in the middle of the countyside. I loved it!! (


On the French county

The day I arrived he suggested me to go to the next town Pontorson because there was a Medival festival. After unpacking my stuff and changing clothes I head to the festival. I love to have the bike and park “anywhere”, Most of the people were wearing traditional Medieval clothes. I met a group of people very funny, with some of them was difficult to talk due my basic French at the moment, but with others I was talking in English and was easiest for me. Late in teh afternoon I was riding to the hostel and I saw one of the most beautiful sunset on the county. I couldn’t take any picture, I was really enjoying it <3 and I felt that I was coming back home, I had the same feeling when in Bordeaux was riding back from Dune du Pyla and Arcachon.


Pontorson: medieval festival


Pontorson: medieval festival

That evening I met Valentin who was another guest and my roomie. We had a great evenings at the dinner table with Ronny playing music. At some point we were talking and watching about lucha libre in Mexico and France. Obviusly I show them El Santo and his movies. With Valentin was very funny because I had to push myself to speak more French and also our communication was mostly with mimique. I can’t deny that we had lots of fun with our conversations.


My friend Valentín from Lyon


Sunset on the French county


El Santo: Mexican wrestler

The next day my plan was ride to Mont St Michel in the morning and St. Malo in the evening. Valentin and me couldn’t go together because he had gone already to St Malo, so he would be riding on a bycicle to Mont St Michel.


Parking lot Mont St. Michel


In Mont St. Michel



In Mont St. Michel

In Mont St Michel theres’s a a magical feeling, my sisters had told me about this place, even that there are tons of tourist, this is a magical and mystic place with an incredible story. It is cool to be there with your motorcycle suit and helmet and wave greetings to other riders 🙂


After noon I was riding to St. Malo, before heading this city I was riding on the coast and I really love it, mixing riding the bike, the sea, the freedoom…<3 <3 That’s life!!


On route to St. Malo


In St Malo I walked for the cobbled streets, eat a famous “galette” with a beer and later I walked on the “Intra-Muros” because this is a walled city and an important port since ancent times.


Galette of Bretagne


Walking through the Intra-Muros in St. Malo

Leaving St Malo in the evening was lit yet, but I needed help to move the bike back, I was on a cobbled street, then a woman helped me to push it back, I’ve encountered very gentile people in France with me.


St. Malo


St. Malo

I had liked to stay longer in this place and visit more villages in Britain, but my next plan was heading Caen, in Normandy and later Paris to attend a concert of one of my buddies. I hope to come back or/and find other nice hostel  in France or others European countries.


Charging gasoline starting route to Caen


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