Tours, reencounter with my friend Sarah

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On route from Saintes to Tours

The morning I was leaving Saintes I was farewell by a cool group of enthusiast motorcyclist that were from Tour, the city I was heading to. One of them very kind whished me “Bon route” and it made me feel great and cared to star riding 🙂



Celebrating with Pancho IFRD

Just that day was the International Female Ride Day. I was riding through a town but took a different way that wasn’t marked on the gps. Sometimes taking this wrong way makes you find a beautiful spot where I could watch a nice view of the county, the name of the town is Curçay-sur-Dive. It was an authentic French county spot: green, few houses over there, a bit cloudy and the house near where I parked had a wall full of flowers of different colors. Lovely!


In Tours I stayed with Sarah my friend who I met in Colombia while traveling last March. Luckily arriving to her house I found a spot near her house. I always locked the bike and put a padlock  on the front brake the bike. That weekend I saw her parents from Bordeaux, with whom I had stayed the prior weekend. It was so cool meeting them again. Also we went to a “foire” fair from the city, with many places for food and drinks. I met some of her friends too, it was nice that they speak Spanish and Mexican Spanish 😉





The next day we visited the “Château d’Amboise” it was my first time entering into a French castle. It was impressive. Leonardo Da Vinci is buried there. It’s so different to Mexico, there we have pyramids that amazed to foreigners and here in France there are  castles that amazed foreigners like me.


Sarah and me in Amboise

I spent one week at Sarah´s we had a really good time together. It’s wonderful how traveling can make you have super friends. With her I learned more latin and Spanish songs and it was lovely the hours chatting.

During my time in Tours I was recovering from the sore in my hand, I couldn’t ride because the pain was excesive. Michel, one of Sarah’s friends is an osteopath and reviewed my hand. I needed to use pomade and rest. One evening we went to see a soccer match and later to dance Salsa music. It’s so cool to live a bit the daily life in a place, when I spend more than 3 days in a city or town I feel somehow that I live there.



Demonstration in Tours

Speaking about mobility I had been using my Orange SIM card from Spain, but I had been told that it is much better to get a SIM card per country visited. So, to get a SIM card in France I went to the store Free Center, so I could get a French number and internet for one month. In total I payed €25. It is very helpful to have it and the cost worth it. For the upcoming countries I need to find where to buy another SIM..

One exhibition that I saw at the Château du Tours were photographs of Robert Capa, an important photgrapher, recognized for taking pictures in the Day-D Le débarquement en Normandie during the WWII or Picasso and his family in a day on the beach. He was one of the founders of Magnum Photos. I loved his work.


Architecture in Plaza Plumereau in Tours

On Sunday morning I would be leaving Tours but early in the morning, Sarah and me went out to find a petit déjeuner and heading to the river to eat it. On our way we were admiring antique architecture on the street and then a man who was walkig with his dog told us if we wanted to enter and see an antique hotel. We went and it was an amazing place, I have not words to describe how beautiful antique architecture inside the courtyard. Some medieval and renacentist construction and in perfect condition. Awesome!!!


Courtyard with Medieval and Renacentist architecture in Tours


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