Riding to Royan & train to La Rochelle

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One day staying in Saintes I had planned to ride to Pons a medieval town close by and Royan a recommended beach. Before leaving Saintes I took a curve on a street but I made a bad ride and the bike felt down, I could jump and nothing serious happened also I was riding slow. I couldn’t stand up the bike I was feeling nervous. But suddenly a BMW biker appeared on the scene and quickly lift up the moto. His name is Pascual. We talked in English, he said he used to work for the police (something like SWAT) in the towns of the area, he recommended to avoid Pons for being a dangerus area. He rode with me and took me with his mechanic to review the engine. His mechanic works in the same place where I bought my gloves one day before. The bike was ok, just a little scratch. After the revision of the bike I ride straight to Royan.

You know? When you felt down from the bike you have to continue and ride again so you can “forget” a bit what happened and take control of your nerves and calm down them. Also there is not other way to move the bike, you have to ride again!



Riding on the coast of Royan I found a restaurant named Acapulco, it reminded me Mexico and I stopped by to have lunch over there. I oredered moules the specialty of the place with a Hoegaarden beer, soft and fresh beer. After eating I went to the beach it was sunny and the waves were in an armony movement. I love to hear the sea. The only thing is that besides my motorcycle suit I was wearing black leggings and t-shirt. So It didn’t matter and took off my boots and socks and felt the sand on my feet. Staying on the beach and listening the sea is lovely and make me feel very happy and on peace.



Another day I went to La Rochelle, I had read it was an important port in France and a place to visit. I went on train because my hand was very inflamated and sored, I felt uncomfortable to ride. It was also a good experience: to travel by train in Europe. Before getting on the train station I was walking with Sophie who was my roomie at the Aubergue and walked with me at the station. We went to the local street market, I love this places and the vibe of the people there. Also reminded me the local markets called “tianguis ” in Mexico.


In La Rochelle I visited Le Museé Maritime and a big ship where I, among other people received a lesson of how to make knots. It was a ship used in the navy so you can smell the wet wood and read testimonials of men who used to work there since their youth.


It’s impressive to be in cities that have been an important place of commercial and industrial development of a country like France.



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