Saintes, Roman Coliseum and new gloves

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Vineyards on the road, Lamarque



I decided stay in Saintes because it is a place between Bordeaux and Tours. To arrive there I had to stop in a town named Lamarque where I would take a small boat to cross the river with the moto and arrive to Blaye to continue the route. Reaching Lamarque at noon and the boat leaves at  3:45 pm, so my scale was going to be in that town. I met a motorcyclist that lives there and had vineyards, he was surprised that I was traveling alone on the bike. Afterwards I went to teh garden of the church to take a rest, it was comforting to lay down on the grass. At 3 pm I was gettig ready to arrive to the port and cross the river.


Waiting to get into the boat to cross to Blaye

In Saintes I stayed in an Aubergue de Jeunesse that belongs to Hostelling International, I bought there the membership that cost €11 validity for one year worldwide. Something eally good is that I could park the bike in their parking lot without extra cost. I was surprised that many groups of kids and seniors come to this hostel, all of them French from different cities. I like that kids start learning to travel since a young age.


Garden of the Aubegue du Jeunesse in Saintes

Saintes is a small place but with an interesting Roman Coliseum, the audioguide describes very well how was the living at that time in the Coliseum.


Roman Coliseum


Textil art by J.F. Favre


Panoramic view of Saintes

I was looking for a new pair of gloves to ride the motorcycle because my leather gloves are not accurate to ride many hours and the seams have hurt my left hand on the ring finger by pressing the clutch. Fortunately I found a motorcycle store and bought a pair of Alpinestar middle season gloves, just perfect for this season in Europe. Those are XS and waterproof. Perfect to ride ldistances or several hours.


My new Alpinestar gloves


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