Bordeaux: family staying

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On my way to Bordeaux, I made a stop in Marmande, near a little aerodorme, where I took a rest on the grass and ate my lunch. At some point a man who driving stopped and asked me about the bike, we tryed to talk in french, and here would start my learning on french 🙂

In Bordeaux, I stayed at the house of María (she is from Mallorca) and Philip, wh are my freind Sarah’s parents, they are really nice and great people. It was a pleasure feels at a family environment ❤. Sometimes is necesarry the family feeling when you are in a long trip. I learned with them some french traditions at dinner time, for example after the main dish, they eat french chesse, salad and dessert. Two delicious meals that I enjoyed a lot were: pate d’oie, boeuf bourguignon. Maria cooks delicious 🙂

The next day I visited Bordeaux downtown, but I arrived on public transportation. When I’m in a city I prefer to walk or use the public transportation beacuse this is a way to know the city and see how local people lives.




Maria and Philip recommended me to visit the Dune du Pyla and Arcachon, so the next day I rode over there. The Duna is impresive, for one side there’s a forrest and on the other you can see the sea of the Atlantic Ocean.




Riding back to Bordeaux, I realized that I had little gasoline, so I went to a gas station but my card was not accepted, actually I only can pay with cash on the gas stations. But it was Sunday at 6 pm and there was no one who I could pay for it. I was desperate because I knew the gasoline on the bike wouldn’t be enough to arrive at the city. Suddenly a man with his wife arrived to charge gasoline and in my rustic french I asked him to help, so I gave him the cash and he payed with his card. We keep talking in English.  Truly the man behaved excellent and was a relief to me his help. It is wonderful to find good people on the road

The next day I would restart the route and by saying good bye to Maria and Philip I felt blue to go, and when I was riding I out out some tears.


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