Toulouse: arriving at my first French city

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Route from Pas de la Casa, Andorra, going by Foix, Fr., until Toulouse, Fr.

When I left the Pyrenees the landscape was green with tons of meadow but it was windy. Spring has not totally arrived.

I stop at Foix to eat and take a “rest” in a restaurant for pizza and seing seniors playing cards. During my roadtrip I’ve realized that the best way to rest during the road is laying down on the grass eating a homemade snack.


Foix, Fr.


Foix, Fr.


Foix, Fr.

40 minutes before arriving to the hostel in Toulouse I was feeling terrible tired, I had to park and take a break for 10 minutes to drink water and stretch one’s legs.

Arriving at the hostel, I was received with a glass of beer 🙂 I think they saw me tired and they told me that it was the first time that a girl traveling on a motorcycle arrives to their hostel. Also I was helped to enter the bike into the backyard. I wanted to take me off the motorcycle suit and remove my bags from the moto.

My staying in Toulouse made me realize about my rythm riding and my energy. I wanted to visit the city, museums, and keep traveling. But I was really tired and was sore on my low back. So, my strategies to follow were:

• When arriving to any city: take a rest, walk surrounding the neighborhood and preferably to go to the downtown

• Looking for a city tour for the next day to have an overview of the place or/and get recommendations (of my interests)

• Set reminders to take my multivitamin daily

• I bought like a belt for my lower back when I ride

• If I feel very tired taking the last day as a full day break






Asian pieces at the museum of traveler Georges Labit


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