1st. route: Andorra, crossing the Pyrenees

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The day I wanted to go to Andorra, was raining in Barcelona. When I was loading the bike I was totally wet and when I start riding, I had a feeling about not to ride that day on the road. I stopped at La Sagrada Familia to think about what to do. On one hand I wanted to start my travel but my intuition told me that I had to take care of myself and feel confidence. When you travel alone, you are the only person that take care of yourself.


At the end I stayed in Barcelona that day and went to Nils to review more details about the moto and the route he suggested me to take to Pas de la Casa, in Andorra.

The next day was pretty and Barcelona farewell me with nice sunshine.



The route we had seen and I had added to the gps was avoiding highways and trolls. One of the points of this roadtrip is enjoy the landscape and towns, also riding without any hurry.


That same day I crossed by 3 countries: Spain, France and Andorra.


The most challenging thing I have ever lived by riding the motorcycle was on the Day 1 of this roadtrip by crossing the Pyrenees, too many curves, riding totally alone on the road and being riding at the top of the mountains seeing them full covered with snow. Wow, it was amazing! It was just like being in heaven, I was feeling winded but very lucky for living this experience.


One good thing was I didn’t find snow on the main road.

It was helpful the Safety motorcycle course I took last February, especially with the closed curves. At some point it was difficult because the heavy weight, I didn’t use to carry and also the right roads.

Pas de la Casa is located in the middle of the mountains with a ski station and many stores to do shopping, it is a free taxes place.


I only wanted to spend a couple of days to take a rest but the day I wanted to leave was a light snowing, so I decided to stay. In this type of trips you become a bit addicted to the apps and online pages of weather. I’m using now:


The Weather Channel

Yahoo Weather



That day I was pouring  hot water on the bike to melt the ice on it, also I put some WD-40 where you put the key to turn the bike on. And I was starting the engine so that the battery is not discharged.

The next day the weather was so much better, it was sunny although there was slush on the street. Honestly I wanted get out from the mountains, the snow and taking the last curves from the Pyrenees.


Officially I had become a Motorcycle Adventure Rider. 😀


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