Hello Barcelona!

Click para leer en Español: ¡Hola Barcelona!


Bogotá was the last stop in my Colombian trip. I stayed some days with my friend Caro and her mom who were wonderful with me. We visited a couple of towns over the weekend near the city. One of them was Villa de Leyva very pretty and touristic too, another was Raquirá a colorful town due the paintings on the front of the houses.



Also I spent few days with my friend and excolleague from work Kika and her family. I was working on her home with the gadgets I will be using on my European journey such as the gps and SPOT. And we had a really good talk with her husband in a dinner.


I had a straight flight to Barcelona, I had my backpack with clothes, another bag with the boots and motorcycle suit, another with documents and batteries and a fourth one with my beloved new helmet.


I landed in Barcelona after 3 hours of delay and 10 hours flight, but finally I had arrive to Barcelona to start my adventure!!

I spend the weekend with my good friend Brenda at her place, it was great to start this part of the trip with a friend. It seems that time never pass, always many things to talk 😉

The next big step would be find my motorcycle to travel ?


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