French roadtrip: Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas

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mapa roadtrip2

Route from Costeño Beach to Punta Gallinas

Somebody told me that Cabo de la Vela was a beautiful spot and worth to visit it, but was far away from Tayrona, towards Norteast of the country. Tristán and Pierre told me that they wanted to go to Cabo and also Punta Gallinas, those spots are in La Guajira from Colombia. They organized the roadtrip, we were 1 mexican, 5 french and 1 colombian driving the van.


This roadtrip has been one of my best ones, although was hard spend so many hours in the van but we shared good adventures, fit of laughter, and I was learning some french.

On Monday morning we left Costeño. First of all we went to Ríohacha to buy supplies. On the road I was talking with Priscille, who was also in Costeño. Her parents are on a bicycle roadtrip, I think the story is awesome!

Another girl on the trip is Sylvie, who also left everything behind to traveling. I love girl talking and understanding, doesn’t matter that we are from different countries.

We ate in Cuatro Vías, goat was the speacialty, the lady of the place taught us wayuu, due the people from La Guajira are named Wayuu. Afterwards we continue our road to enter into the desert and arrive to Cabo de la Vela in the afternoon. We saw a group of motorcycle riders heading the same direction. It was incredible seeing them riding on the desert with the sand and rocks, it looked as a challenge road.


In Cabo there were several people practicing kitesurf and windsurf.


Cabo de la Vela


Cabo de la Vela

We spent the night in an open hut, with hammocks, it was my first time sleeping on a hammock and I slept very well, until next morning when some goats were noisy and they woke us up. After breakfast we spend time on a beach swimming, it was beautiful to be on the sea and desert at the same time. This beach is right next to Pilón de Azúcar, a sacred mountain.


Cabo de la Vela


Pilón de Azúcar

We knew that day would be a heavy road because there were many hours to arrive to our final destination.


Desert in La Guajira

It was a dark night when we wewre near Punta Gallinas and many vans were trapped on the sand dunes, ours was trapped too, but people from the area helped us to remove it from the sand. Everybody did our best effort to remove the sand on the tyres and push the van, although it took hours to do so. Next day in the morning we had to do it again in our way back, but with best spirit after a good rest and beacuse we had daylight.


Sunrise in Punta Gallinas


Sand dunes, road to Punta Gallinas



It was an amusing roadtrip with my french friends. Many laughs and music 🙂




Punta Gallinas


Menu in wayúu




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