Sandy feet at Costeño Beach

Click para leer en Español: Pies arenosos en el Costeño Beach

Since I knew Colombia was on my way, I was looking forward to go to Tayrona, beacuse I saw this place on the video “Somos Dos” by Bomba Estéreo;

Talking with Julian, he said that a great place to stay was the hostel “Costeño Beach” next to the hostel “La Brisa Tranquila” where the above video was filmed. I booked for 4 days for a moment I thought those were many days, to stay on the beach and without internet, but honestly I wanted to disconnect. We headed to Costeño, unfortunately Sara couldn’t join us because she came back to France, I missed her, she is so funny!

This place is around 1 hour from Santa Marta, and is a paradise of sandy feet and barefeet day and night. There are two options to sleep: on a hammock (I wanted to try because I had never slept on it, but all of them were taken) and the other was a bed. The  bunk beds were upstair the hammocks, 18 bunk beds in an open room made with wood, actually the hostel is 100% eco-friendly, they use solar panels.


Costeño Beach

That night was party at Costeño. It  was a great mood, I danced with Simon a french guy, who takes salsa classes in Paris because he knew very good moves. I also met Marion and her husband who are spending their honeymoon traveling in South America. Great idea to spend a honeymooon 🙂 She speaks very good Spanish and Mexican slang, because she lived in Guadalajara and loves to dance Latin music. Actually in this trip in Colombia I realized that I enjoy Latin music to dance 😉


Costeño Beach

Palomino is a town near Tayrona, I visited it with Shradha, we had a blast taking a bus ride on the road and walking into this town. Also we met a lovely familia from Colombia who encouraged one of the youngest in the family to speak English with us. It is a touristic beach, full of locals and some foreigners due Holy week.


Palomino, Colombia

Something good about not having internet connection is that you are not ll the time with the mobile or the laptop and you can really live together with new people. Another day, playing volleyball,  I met a group of French guys. They learned Spanish in Chile and were very cool, so friendly and party people. I get along  with Tristán and Piérre.



La Brisa Tranquila

Every night in “La Brisa Tranquila” they had a bonfire, and it was great to spend time over there with good company, delicious caribbean rum and the sound of the ocean  😉



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