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Our last day in Cartagena, Sara and I went to the Museum of Inquisition to know the history of this antque city where many Afrikans were forced to work in Colombia to built the city. In the afternoon we went back to the hostel to take our bacpacks and heading to the bus station to go to Santa Marta. The best of that “flota” (that’s how Colombians call the mini buses), was the wifi, Sometimes when traveling is a bit hard to reply and cath up with messages, so I had the chance to reply some of them.

The flota left us in a corner in SM, suppously here was located the “bus station”. It was dark and we started looking for a taxi to arrive at the recommended hostel, it was around 8 or 9 pm. Finally we took a taxi but the driver had no idea about the address, and when saw the name of the hostel, he thought it was a clothing store (¿¿). Then I opened my favorite app:, we found the correct location. This app is very eficientl you don’t need internet, only gps.


Arriving at the hostel we were noticed about non-availability. They recommended to go downtown where most of the hostels were located. That’s how we found Mulata hostel, they have plenty of beds, large yard, a bar and the rooms are clean, besides two kitchens and several showers.

That night we wanted partying but on Monday was so complicated, so we stayed at the hostel and met Julian, from Medellín, so cool (bacano, as Colombians say), he suggested to go to Minca next day, it was near from SM and had nice cascades. Next morning, after a delicious homemade breakfast, we headed to Minca. Arriving to the town the locals told us that we had to walk around 45 -60 minutes to reach the first cascade…ufff but the wheater was very hot, so we decided not to walk. There was another option: to take a moto-taxi. It was a big enduro adventure, the road was so difficult, but these locals were experts riding those curvy roads almost all ther lifes.



Minca is a place worth to visit and stay one night to visit more cascades and see the nice landscape mixed with coffe plantactions.






T-KF: shot of tequila with salt and soluble coffee 

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