Colombia, first stop: Cartagena

Click para leer en Español: Colombia, primera parada: Cartagena

Before arriving into Europe for my motorcycle roadtrip, I had a layover in Bogotá, I had bought my flight through Interjet, as many of you could know, this is one of the cheapest airline in Mexico, and if you get a promotion you can buy in a good cheap rate. My flight was at night, so the city was covered by lights, it was a wonderful farewell.


Mexico City at night

When I arrived to Bogota, I spent the night at one of my good friends’s place: Caro, who I met in Paris, we met again in Mexico City and now will be meeting in Cartagena.


An important topic is the exchange rate to the local currency, I did it in the airport of Bogotá. This is the web page I used to know the updated exchange rate:


Next morning, on my way back to the airport, I was surprised about the bunch of motorcycles and traffic jam in the city, more bikes than in Mexico City, definitely.

I was recommended to use vivacolombia the cheapest airline to flight within Colombia. So, I was ready to take my morning flight to Cartagena to meet Caro and her friends, we would be one Mexican, two Colombians and one French.


The first adventure started when I took a bus from the public transportation from the airport to arrive at Cartagena’s downtown. There was a lot of traffic, no traffic lights on the road, the bus driver was driving over a sidewalk to go ahead other buses. When you take public transportation in other cities you realize how is the local daily life.


I had so much fun and good parties in Cartagena. I love Colombia, they have rythim and music whitin them, people start dancing as soon as they listen music, great mood. One night we were at a discotheque with live music playing “champeta” music style originated in this city, so enjoyable. One famous group is: Bazurto All Stars


At this moment I was linked again for the Latin Music and dancing.

Also, one of the new friends, Sara from France has a lot of Latin influence and she knows tons of Latin America songs.



Typical dance “Mapale”




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