Leaving Mexico…


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That’s right, I’m leaving Mexico to accomplish a real dream: traveling through Europe …on a motorcycle!! gathering together both passions that are fulfilled my life.

Dreaming about travels without agendas, unlimited time, freedom at my own rhythm, this is what I’ve wanted to do since long time ago, and after saving money for so long, planning stuff and above all be decided and be focused , this is not a dream anymore, now it’s becoming in a reality.

Todo lo que vividamente

Sometimes you get surprised of yourself. I’ve realized about my determination, like this post that I wrote last year:  http://gabyochoa.com/bbr2015/03/03/riding-the-bike/ when I started to practice on the moto and I was waking up so early in the morning.

“When you pursue something you really want to achieve, you are able to get up at 5 in the morning


The real planning of this project began on May last year, 2015, everything started to move quickly on October when I bought the flight to Europe using the app SkyScanner http://www.skyscanner.com/) the arrival city would be Barcelona,  due this beautiful city that I love, I have good friends and it will be easiest for me to do paperwork of the bike because Spanish is my native language.

I decided to search for a flight on early March, just after my mom’s birthday and when the strong winter in Europe had past. I found a flight in a good price with a layover in Bogotá…so it was a great opportunity for traveling in Colombia for few days and visit some friends that live in that South American country. Then, after Colombia I’ll be flying to Barcelona, my starting point on the roadtrip 🙂


This week when many friends found out that about my roadtrip, one of them sent me this video:


In the upcoming publications I will explain more details about the planning, documents needed, initial plan of the bike that I will ride over there, etc.


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