Motorcycle safety course in Metepec

safety course diploma BBR.png

Me and Barbs, happiness and pride


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I really believe it is important to improve your riding skills, mostly if you have short time riding, therefore I went to take a Safety course in Performance School (, located in Metepec, EdoMex, less than 2 hours away from Mexico city (CDMX). Me and my friend Bárbara met on Sunday at 7:15 am to ride together and get the course. When we were taking the highway after the troll cabin we found that our hands were freezing!! Days later we read in an article that we should wear a pair of latex gloves inside our leather gloves, thus our hands will keep a warm temperature.

The Motorcycle Safety Course lasted almost all day from 9 to 5, the main instructor Francois Deroeux and all his team are awesome in their professionalism during the journey, they check it out all the details in your riding, position, technics, etc. Along the course I realized that my technique improved 100%. I had taken that course months ago! And obviously I feel that I enjoy much more the moto 🙂


Paying attention to one of the challenges we could face on the streets



Image of success in our Safety Course


Practicing in the course

When we finished the course, all the riders receieved a recognition, honestly it is one of the times that you feel you really deserved it. Barbs and I were very happy and very tired. But we were in good spirits to take the road again to Mexico city, it should take like 1.5 hours, but we had to stop in a gas station and took the long road.

Metepec a Del Valle.jpg

Route from Metepec to CDMX


At some point we realized that we had to ride along the sunset and nightfall, so we agreed to ride and be cautious, we know it’s dangerous riding at night. I filmed that ride and I love to ride during the sunset, the view was awesome!

You have friends who you live adventures, but there are other friends who you get along so well, living wild adventures and sharing great experiences on the moto.

I got an incredible gift: a plume from Tepoztlán which contains good luck and abundance. Just what I need for my next Life adventure 🙂 #MotoTribu

pluma buena suerte mototribu.png

Good-luck charm


Watch the ride:


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