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One of the best things about riding a motorbike is meeting wonderful people that also love riding bikes, not because the speed, but for enjoying to ride.

Early back 2015, my friend Barbs, who I met in some rides in DF, had attended different motorcycle events, mostly Women Rides. One of those was the Halloweels on November, which we had to attend wearing a costume. In that event we met Lynda, who comes from Veracruz and rides a Suzuki 125cc and was wearing a vampire costume. Barbs and I were wearing a costume as Alex DeLarge from the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. It was really fun, we were like a small gang, and while we were riding our bikes, people on the streets told us that it was a good characterization.


Weeks later, I headed to the ExpoMoto show along with Lynda. We saw nice bikes. We’d like to upgrade to bigger ones, but one of the issues is that I found all the bikes very high, so I should have to modify, change the seat, take down the suspension, or something like that I guess.


One of the best things at the show is that I got a pair of cool leather gloves Dainese 1972 in Extra Small size…perfect for me!!! They are beautiful and it feels so good to handle the handler, I don’t feel the cold on my hands while riding the bike.

IMG_20151211_175711 (1).png

That same weekend we went to celebrate with the crew Lost Boys Café Racer Crew their anniversary.


There, we agreed to go out and ride to Tepoztlán, Morelos, which is a (Pueblo Mágico) Magical Town and is close to Mexico City. The plan was going on Friday afternoon and return on Saturday or Sunday. The date was the weekend of December 11th.


Lynda and I left the party earlier because there was a ride the next day with a group of Bobber motorcyclist to go to Tepozotlán, State of Mexico. We met in the morning with Cesar, Lynda’s friend. We were off time, and by the time we arrived to the meeting point, everybody had left to Tepozotlán, so we decided to reach them on their way. The highway was OK, but at that part, which is the north of the city, there are many freight trucks. Fortunately it was Sunday, there were not much traffic. 12304413_10153757911849859_8974854116986498210_o.png

Arriving in Tepozotlán we met Cesar’s friends, and went to grab some food in a local place on the street near a park, where we ate quesadillas. Sometimes, only sometimes these street-local places have the most delicious food, much better than in restaurants.


After that we headed to a karaoke-bar called “The Old West”, full of motorcyclist wearing their leather vest with patch of their moto clubs. It looked like a bar from the 66 Route in USA. We tried to return back to the city early, trying to avoid the evening traffic.



The weekend to ride to Tepoztlán, Morelos arrived. Barbara, Lynda and I were so ecstatic. We met outside of the Olympic Stadium of UNAM. Few days before I was pretty nervous for the ride, mostly for “La Pera”, which is a difficult curve located between DF and Cuernavaca, just before Tepoztlán. The night before I couldn’t sleep. When I met my friends we talked that we felt nervous for the same thing, so we discussed and agreed to take that curve in a moderate speed. I felt good and comfortable knowing that I was not the only nervous person in the group 😉

Tepoz dic 2015.png

We started our ride at 3 pm approximately, and after the first tollbooth, we stopped in a nice spot recommended by Barbs and took some pictures, also the evening was gorgeous. The highway was pretty good, although many cures, it helped that one of our friends sent us previously some videos and pictures about how to ride curves.

Tepoz dic 2015 llegando downtown.png

Arriving in Tepoztlán, whis is a beautiful place,

I felt so happy by seeing the Tepozteco Hill.

We parked the bikes and hugged together for having made this achievement; we were in a good spirits, but starving. At the local market we ate prehispanic food, such as banana with cheese scone, or crickets with Mexican yam (jicama) and pineapple water to drink.


After that we headed to the house of accommodation, but we didn’t know the real challenges of those dirt roads in Tepoztlán: there were plenty descent and steep ascents and descents. One of those dirt roads I had difficulties to go there, there were gravel, stones and pieces of bricks, I thought I couldn’t do it because my wheels were stucked, but finally I made it. My friends were cheering me up because it was really hard, I ended up with my face so red and sweating inside my helmet as never before.


Tepoz dic 2015 la subida piedrosa

We spent a super cool weekend, relaxing and talking about our motivations for motorcyclist.

The following day, walking out to downtown, I was bitten by a wasp in my leg. It became a swollen and red leg, which made me trouble putting my boots later. That afternoon we saw a pilgrimage of men riding their horses, because that day -December 12th, was the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, venerated in Mexico by some people.


By returning to the house we saw the videos of the Parisien riders L’Equipee where they ride through the Himalayas, It was awesome!!! For us, it was like seeing Sex &the City but these videos are so much better, also they inspired us.

We decided to return to the city on Sunday morning. And again we had to ride through that little dirt road. Barbs and Lynda went down first, and when it was my turn I went speed up and went down that road I was yelling, but almost at the end I fell from the bike, it was nothing serious only a little bruise on my right hip. My friends helped me to lift up my bike and I must to say that these kind of actions makes you feel that sisterhood and friendship, therefore you can keep going and don’t be afraid.

One of the streets to take the exit from the town was a cobbled ascent and long street, we weren’t glad to take it, but we did it, when we finished it was an achieved for us. By taking the highway we felt more comfortable than at the beginning of the road trip, with more experience. That ride is one of the best and liked me a lot. No rush, in our own rhythm, sleeping in a magical place, overcoming challenges and spending great time in harmony.


A nickname we use as fun is #MotoTribu because that’s what we are a tribe that enjoy riding the bike.


You can see the video of our Ride to Tepoztlán, Morelos, here:

Enjoy!!! 🙂

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