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Definition of kitsch:

  • Something of overly sentimental style, created to appeal to popular or unselective taste
  • Something of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste. Usually with popular or sentimental appeal


Since the day I knew that I was going to buy the motorbike I started to collect stickers to add on them on the bike. The first were very representatives. One of them is the flag of Amsterdam, because it is one of the places in Europe I’ve enjoyed most, for their lifestyle, urban architecture and the warm of one of my favorite families that received me at their home. The others represent my beginning in the motorcyclist, because through my friend in the States I knew the great world of motorcyclist and I was fascinated. That’s why the flag from the States



Another sticker is from the Grand Canyon, a small and remarkable road trip with my dear friends from Barcelona.

This is nice to know that those dear friends who live far away from here, in someway they can be close to you only with this represented images. That’s why you have to enjoy your family and friends when they surround you and live near to you.


Another sticker that I love and is at the front of the bike is the image of a Mexican woman from the 30’s with a three colors headband (as the Mexican flag) in her hair. Red lips and dark hair. And a ribbon with word M E X I C O, which is the country where I was born and raised 🙂


I’ve placed on my bike different stickers from rides, workshops and motorcycle stores and friend’s crews that I’ve met in this wonderful world.

One day I decided to place a sissy bar ( just because I saw some pictures of other bikes with it. It looks rad!!! Also it makes you feel to go out and travel. It‘s very useful, I can put my backpack or lean back there. My bike is undefinable, I love how it looks.

2015-07-09 05.45.18

sissy bar preview otra 1

With all these stickers and the sissy bar I have named my bike as “Kitschbike”.


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