I made it! Lagunas de Zempoala (Zempoala Lagoon)


(Click para BLOG en ESPAÑOL) ¡Lo logré! Lagunas de Zempoala

A couple of weeks ago I went with the Motorcycle Club  “Escuadron Centenario” (Centenario Squad) to Lagunas de Zempoala (Zempoala Lagoon). It was a short distance road trip and my second time traveling outside the city. We rode approximately 150 kms. Riding by three states. In general it was a good ride with these friends but at some point we had to cross by a town called Huitzilac where you can find many bumps on the road, the challenge part is that these road was a sloping street towards down. After that town we entered into a curvy road, it was funny and inspirational with the smell of the green and robust trees in that forest, but a couple of curves were very hard to take, I had to ride inclined toward my knee, the curves were so tight. When we arrived to the Lagunas I felt a bit nervous I couldn’t believe I had rode through those curves, but on the way back home I felt comfortable because we took a different road without tight curves. At the end I felt very proud of myself because I could accomplished that heavy road for a “beginner” like me and with the cheers and patience from my friends. I’ve understand another meaning for Brotherhood.

Check it out the video 🙂

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