We celebrated 4th of July with a Ride organized by a Moto Club integrated inly for girls, to encourage the Motorcycle Riding among women in Mexico.

I met up with my friend Barbs and arrived together at Custom Rock in Condesa, the meeting point for this Ride, we saw some other girls from previous events. The route was to go to the Harley Davidson store in Santa Fé (http://www.harleybmc.com/) and then ride until the Food Truck “Pinche Gringo” (http://www.pgbbq.mx/ ), ad hoc spot to celebrate the American Independence Day.

One of the things I liked about this event was that the organizers were coordinated with the police in order to control the car traffic and we were riding in a complete group together. Another good thing was that each person was asked to cooperate with a certain amount of money to participate, it included: food, drinks and commemorative souvenirs of this Ride like: a cap, a patch, a t-shirt and a plastic tumbler. Besides that, the Ride had a very good organization and logistic.

Riding among other female riders feels incredible, it’s like a great girly energy.

When we arrive at “Pinche Gringo” we meet up with Xavier Moya, who as in previous times was taking pictures, we had a good talking. Between the girls, I talked with some of them who frequently ride out of the city DF, so I hope to join them in future rides, to get more experience riding in my bike.

We also met Alfonso and Víctor, and had an enjoyable and fun talking, now they’ve become new rider friends. Actually they were riding with us, Alfonso was playing music from his bike. And Víctor talked about his travels in his BMW through Latin America. He told me some advices about my motorbike and traveling. I really enjoy this talking regarding traveling in a motorbike. Those are inspirational for me and I look forward to do someone like that: long travel, no specific route, no itinerary and with great life experiences and meeting wonderful people on the road…

Almost at the end of the meal some other rider friends arrived to the place and the conversations about bikes and rides keep going. Good vibe 🙂

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