The Mods & Rockers Ride


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Being part of the motorcycle life, suddenly you’re noticed about new Rides. And now it was the occasion for one organized by a motorcycle maker: Triumph in Mexico, it was called “The Mods & Rockers Ride”

I’ve found an interesting article regarding these different and “rivals” groups back in the 60s I England:

Mods and rockers

I rode as a rocker with my friend Barbs, We met at a Café in La Roma. From there we departed to the meeting point at Auditorio Nacional. Before that we headed to the gas station to fuel our beloved motorbikes.

It was so nice arriving at the Auditorio and see some friends whom I’ve rode a couple of times, and I hadn’t seen them since a while. Afterwards greeting and talking with them, suddenly I met a guy who I didn’t see for a long time and even know that he rode a bike, it was a funny encounter.


In the event, I talked with Francois Deroeux, who owns and manages the School Auto-Moto Activentura, where I took my first Basic Course to ride the motorbike. After talking about when is the best moment to “jump” to a bigger bike; I liked his advice: “Every person must feel 100% confident and comfortable in the bike which is starting to ride, everyone goes according to their own time, there’s no rush to ride already a different bike” And I will do so!! I will get more kilometers and confidence in my own bike 🙂

Also I’m thinking to take the Intermediate Course to ride the bike, I will see…

After some photo shootings, the Ride started, a bit late from the scheduled time. I had installed the Go Pro camera on my helmet, but for some reason, I didn’t turn it on and nothing was recorded…disappointment. 250439_10153138558779215_6112272859593250362_nBBR

It is always a satisfaction riding with a big group and belong to the motorcyclist community, no matters the size of type of the bike you ride.



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