The importance of customization on your bike, not only for design

(Click para BLOG en ESPAÑOL) La importancia de personalizar tu moto, no solo por diseño

In spite of feeling more confidence riding my bike, I can tell that no yet 100%. But someone told me that I have been having invested in a lot in equipment but I must invest in the motorbike I’m riding on.

So, the advice was to customize my bike through having a small seat or/and lowing the shock absorbers. For that things I went to visit Paco and Luis from Quick Custom 226, they are my mechanicals advisers 🙂 afterwards reviewing my bike we concluded that the best was to cut the seat, so I could tread on the ground with more confident for myself. Not recommended to low the shock absorbers because the rear tire could scratch with the bike.

vista aerea

It was a great job what they made with my seat in the same day. Now I can tread on the ground and I feel a major possession of my bike, so I understand now the importance of the customization. It’s right! You have to invest in your own bike hence you can feel so comfortable, safety and in total control of it.

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Another important change in the bike was changing the tires. I was told that the figure of the tires should be like “drops” for a better grip while riding and when it’s raining or you cross a water puddle, in this way the figure of the tires will drop the water from the tires, so less risky for a fall.


Days later I changed my front-light for a bigger one, it helps me to be visible among cars, very useful at night.

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