International Female Ride Day 2015

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(Click para Blog en ESPAÑOL) Día Internacional de la Mujer Motociclista 2015

I was invited to an attractive event on Saturday May 2nd. A worldwide celebration: the International Female Ride Day. Dedicated only to women riders.

I love to ride in a group with a bunch of people through the city.

At this moment I know three other female riders who are my friends, but they didn’t know each other. So, an idea came up to me: what if the four of us reunite and arrive together to the Ride? The meeting point was at La Fuente de Cibeles in La Roma neighborhood.

One of them is Barb, I met her from a crew I used to ride with. Actually she invited me to this Ride. She owns a Margie, this is a good and short bike. Another girl is Celia, she’s been my friend for several years and we have rode only one time when we went to have pizza at Las Pizzas del Perro Negro at La Condesa with her boyfriend and a friend of mine. She rides a nice blue Honda C90. Everybody uses to ask her about her C90. The third girl is Esther. I met her few weeks ago because she rides with the Escuadron Centenario Moto Club; actually she is officially a member of this Club. I usually ride with them on Thursday evenings. She owns a Boxer by Bajaj. It’s a heavy bike that I cannot ride yet, but she handles it very well.



Our meeting point was at Café El Delirio, located in the corner of Álvaro Obregón Street and Monterrey Street. I had to arrive first to introduce the girls. It was pretty cool when all of them arrived and we rode to La Cibeles. When we got there, there were other girls with their bikes, all of them with different styles and customization. It was amazing to see diverse bikes and styles, and all ridden by women. Female power! VIVA LA FEMME!!


While we were waiting for the ride to begin we also met a couple of Moto clubs, such as Las Marias Moto Club (organizers), and others. I realized they belonged to motoclubs for the patches used in their jackets. So, after the photographs were taken we were told how the route was going to be. We would be riding up to the Zocalo (downtown) and would try to take some pictures over there.


11206055_10153001578769215_508807288692075656_nOn our way there, all of us looked so happy and thrilled riding our bikes. At some point I was so excited that I was riding with the leading riders, almost at the front of the group. I can see myself in the pictures because my helmet was the most colorful. 🙂 When we were heading to downtown, the streets were being closed/sealed by the policemen, so it was impossible to get into the Zocalo. In reality I never understood why, I only heard the fake excuse by the cops about we were a big group of motorcyclist and could be “dangerous” Pfff what can I say? It’s one of the things I don’t like from Mexico, sadly, because this is an awesome city. Anyway, the organizers took us at the Monumento a la Revolución. We were photographed there, and here you can see a very nice picture of the moment.


It should be pointed out that one photographer was taking pictures of us during the ride, his name is Moya. He was a pillion on the back of a BMW bike, very fearless! I guess he’s really into motorcycles and is a very good photographer.


perfil ifrd monumento rev

After being “models” we rode through Reforma Avenue, heading to Chapultepec, Constituyentes and stopping at Custom Rock at La Roma. It was incredible riding with all these keen female riders, around the streets of the city. You feel so energetic and so very happy riding your bike. It’s a sensation of empowerment and solidarity among all of us.

When we arrive at Custom Rock, some of the girls were struggling parking the bikes, and some others were helping to do it. We enter and a handmade beer was waiting for us. I drink only one beer, because I don’t want to feel dizzy after that and then ride my bike, it can be dangerous. A nice surprise is that one of our friends from the Centenario MC, Tim, was waiting for us with his family, to know how it was going on.



I feel very satisfied for having participated in the International Female Ride Day 2015 in Mexico City (D.F.)!!

There’s a magic Word that I discovered with Barb few weeks ago:

#Mototribe (English)

#Mototribu (Spanish)

Which means that when you ride the bike, you meet your tribe, and it’s mystic because this is connected to the American natives, that they were (are) in touch with the nature and the movement. This is what I’ve being call from the motorbike.



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