Bling, bling, bling. 1,000 Kilometers on the road!!!

1,000 kms BBR

It’s been seven months since I started to ride my motorbike in Mexico City and I’ve scored 1,000 kilometers!!! Maybe not so many miles, but a great accomplishment for myself.

I have met and ridden with different crews and riders ever since, let’s say that it’s interesting to be around these guys. They have taught me some stuff for my rides. Most of them have been helpful and kind to me, but a couple of them have been impolite with comments or attitudes towards me. They have been sort of chauvinist, you know “macho” men type. Anyway, I will not be surrounded by them, I prefer to hang out with people I feel comfortable with.Capture2 BBR

Do you remember the post where I was talking about Chela and Pepe? Who taught me to ride the bicycle. Well, I visited their shop riding my bike. When I arrived, they didn’t recognize me because I was wearing the helmet. When I took it off, they saw me and Chela was very happy to see that I am riding the motorbike. I have to say that she looked so very proud 😀

I reminded Chela how I had told her when we met, that I wanted to learn to ride the bicycle because my main goal was to ride a motorcycle, and now she could see how my dream came true.

Chela y pepe con moto

I tried to ride the motorbike at least on weekends, from Friday to Sunday. Sometimes I rode on weekdays when I arranged some business meetings not so far from home. For now I’m a 9-5 office worker in the Santa FĂ© area. To get there, I have to take steep avenues. It’s not really far from home but the crazy traffic and distracted drivers make it a dare. Everybody wants to make it “on time” for work…so in the meantime, I’d rather be cautious and get more experience on the bike first to beat that traffic one of these days.

Here’s a video I created of one of my solo rides from Del Valle to Cuicuilco, passing by UNAM-Ciudad Universitaria. This is a usual route for me.

When I’m riding the motorbike I am so concentrated on the road, cars, pedestrians, potholes, etc. that I only turn my head around when I look at any side of the road to change lanes. There have been a couple of times that drivers or passengers in their cars have tried to call my attention by waving their hands, saying hello, or trying to reach me for some reason I don’t understand. As if I weren’t real (Yes, I’m real!!). I don’t think it’s very common to see a young female riding a motorbike in Mexico City.

col juarez

Some other times, I’ve found some riders on the road, whom I met before. It’s really nice to greet on the red light and get off or ride together.

One recent night, I rode with a bunch of new friends, the guys of EscuadrĂłn Centenario (Centenario Squad), to one of the most famous Mexican monuments, “El Ángel de la Independencia”. It was nice riding at night with this group, also because a few days before I had taken my bike to a very good repair shop for its service and they made a great job on it. It felt so good. I was so comfortable, I tried to test its speed and power. When we arrived at “El Ángel”, we were amazed by how beautiful it looked with those purple-pink lights under the dark Mexican sky. I felt as if it were gazing at this keen rider.

Rodada nocturna El Angel BBR

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