Some opportunities come as a nice challenge: The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride

As I was thrilled riding the bike, I started to search for more information about motorcycles on the internet, that’s how I came across an event at worldwide level: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. An international event for Classics, café racers, bobbers, trackers, customs, modern classics, classic scooters & undefinable 2/3 wheeled machines.

Once a year, thousands of Distinguished Gentlemen (and genteel ladyfolk) in hundreds of cities worldwide press their cravats, starch their tweed and sit astride their classic-styled motorcycles to raise funds for prostate cancer research and awareness. It’s a day all about spreading merriment while raising awareness of a really important issue. (As appears on their web page: This event is held in September.


Different styles of  motorcycles:


Everybody could participate but…with a Café Race motorbike?? What do they mean? What’s that? So I reached out to the organizers of the DGR in Mexico City: Omar and Demian, who explained the event and what CRs are to me. In the end, even though my bike had not been transformed into a Café Racer model yet, I could participate. They understood that I had just started riding the bike and I really wanted to be a part of this, so we agreed to meet there.

Some info about Cafe Racer motorcycles:

I can’t deny I was nervous and excited the day of the event. It would be my first time riding with more people in a huge event and far from my nearly 2 kilometers around home. I was ready with my new straps, red lipstick and an old-fashioned leather jacket. I took a little backpack and started my ride to the meeting point which was in Polanco.



When I got to Polanco, I saw tons of people dressed fancily and ready for the ride. I struggled parking the bike next to others, I was afraid to fall down and didn’t want to embarrass myself. It took me forever to park the bike. I didn’t know anyone but I started to talk to a guy who was wearing a vest with the patch of the MotoClub (MC) he belongs to. When the ride started and we had to go to the first checkpoint, this guy and his fellows pulled away right off and vanished in the blink of an eye. I prepared myself and started the bike, being very careful because I was surrounded by many riders. The good thing was we were all at a steady speed until we got to Reforma Av. This is a large and beautiful avenue in Mexico City. Of all the ride, I have to say that this part was my favorite. Riding with all these people… I felt like protected and as if I were in a wolf pack. Great feeling!

Arriving at the second checkpoint I had trouble parking, again! But one guy was a real “gentleman” and helped me to park the bike, very nice of him. There, I decided to look for the organizers, Omar and Demian, and greet them. I chatted with them and their friends. I saw very good organization and spirit.


For the third check point I wanted to cry because we had to park the bike on the sidewalk but there was no ramp. I was so puzzled because I didn’t know how to lift the bike, all the guys were parking their bikes in reverse and up the sidewalk. Luckily, one of them saw me and gently helped me to park the bike, he did it in 2 sec. He explained to me the different types of motorcycles found there and introduced me to his crew. I should point out that most of the riders were men. I saw very few women riding their own bikes, most of them were riding as passengers.


The next checkpoint was in the Olympic Stadium of UNAM, we arrived together and I chatted more with his crew. Also, they helped me with the over acceleration of my engine. There were some people from a motorcycle magazine taking pictures of the riders, so I was one of the photographed ones.



The last checkpoint was in a place very near home. Over there I met more riders and some of them told me that it was very nice that a girl like me was riding. Those comments made me happy 🙂

When I arrived home I was exhausted, all my muscles were sore, I started riding at 8 am and finished around 2 pm, with the respective breaks. But I really enjoyed this ride and was very proud of this accomplishment.

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