Riding the bike


With the bike at home I started my lessons to ride through the streets of marvelous Mexico City, well…first in my neighborhood. The instructor arrived and showed me some exercises for fingers flexibility and how to use the gearbox and clutch. I didn’t have problems with that, I was doing it naturally, also because I’ve driven a manual car for 10 years. I rode the bike on the street, it was “easy” on a straight street and with no traffic in the area. Later on, my teacher decided to go to a park to practice turns on the bike, he was going to be my passenger, but when he jumped on the bike I felt disequilibrium and more weight, so we decided I would be the passenger.


When we arrived at the park I was ready to start again. I started the bike, engaged first gear and moved forward but I released the clutch too soon, so the bike fell down to the left side. I panicked a little bit, but I started over and I could ride the bike and take the corners of the squared park very well, I was leaning in a correct way. I had no problems at all. My coach said that I know how to ride and that I have good habits on the bike, which I learned during the trips in the Guatemala and Costa Rica.

So now my task was only to practice.

BeFunky_2014-09-02 06.jpg

For the next days I woke up very early in the morning, let’s say 5 o’clock on weekdays. As I parked the bike in the garage of the building where I live, I had to take a steep downward slope which I was terrified to take on  the bike, so I went down the ramp as if it were a bicycle.

I had a cheerleader, the doorman of the building. He clapped at me and cheered me up. Honestly, it was nice and helpful.

I only rode a few blocks near home, with little traffic and few people. I was very concentrated, you cannot distract yourself for even a moment.


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