Traveling through Antigua, Guatemala


A few weeks after I met Cody, I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to catch him up and travel together a bit on his motorbike to Antigua and Lake Atitlan. I was so excited!!

In the tourist town of Antigua we had to find a helmet for me, to wear it while riding the motorbike, me as passenger. We found a small, red and perfect helmet which fit my head.



I was ready to get on the bike. I was wearing (according to Cody’s instructions) boots to protect my ankles and feet, jeans, leather gloves and leather jacket…and now the helmet. One afternoon we decided to go to a hill in the town for my first ride. Cody turned on the motorbike and I smiled just from hearing its sound, then I jumped onto the bike the bike and he started to ride up to the hill. That feeling was new, different and wonderful for me. On the ride I could almost touch the flowers on the field…I was flying 🙂

I enjoyed it a lot.



The next day, we were ready to travel longer to Lake Atitlan with a stop in San Pedro Atitlan. I have to say that Cody instructed me in some basic hand signals for a passenger:

1) Everything’s OK


2) Slow


3) Stop


Riding as a passenger is also an incredible feeling, you feel so light, free, independent and for some reason you smile a lot, just…enjoy life. I was Fascinated, truly.

After that amazing and beautiful trip with a wonderful company, I had made a decision: Learn to ride the motorcycle.


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