Goal: Learn to ride the motorcycle

After those days in Guatemala I came back to Mexico City (D.F.) and continue riding the bicycle. A searching for a motorcycle was started to find a motorcycle riding school. The best one found was “Escuela Auto-Moto Activentura” www.activentura.com located in Metepec, a city near to Mexico City. So I felt ready and comfortable on the motorbike, to start my course. It lasted one day, theoretical and practical.


The day of the course I arrived a bit late,  🙁 so I missed a part of the theoretical part. I have to confess that I was nervous and anxious before jumping on the bike. It fits well for me. Important note: I’m petite 1.58 cms (5 ft 2″) We were like 5 girls and 8 men approximately. I arrived alone. The first exercise was to turn on the motorbike, rip off, move forward and break…it was easy!! I did it very well and felt confidence about myself. Each of the following exercises became more complex, but they taught me a lot about riding. It was important to me to take this course.


There was one exercise that was very difficult: you had to run in first gear and then to put the gear in Neutral and keep the equilibrium. I fall down twice, fortunately I didn’t hurt myself and the instructors helped me to get up on my feet, they were nice, but I have to say that I wanted to cry, it was frustrating it was the only exercise that I couldn’t do.


In the end I had to “brain wash” myself. I was alone and wanted to continue and finished with the course, so I had to be brave and continue keeping in mind that my goal was to learn to ride the motorbike.

The last exercises I was very concentrated and could do them OK, so I got my diploma for the “Basic Course to Ride Motorcycles”

An important point that the instructors said: “Practice, practice, you have to practice, you have to practice and always watch to the front of the road”.



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