Destination: Costa Rica


Route: San José, Volcan Poas, La Tigra, Bosque Eterno de los Niños, Parque Nacional Tenorio, El Arenal, Puntarenas, Playa Tamarindos, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Playa Dominical and back to San José.

Second time traveling as a motorcycle passenger. This journey made me realize that I really wanted to ride the motorbike and at some point to travel on my own bike riding by myself. The next day after I arrived in San José, the capital city, we rode to the local fair. The funny thing is that for some reason I forgot how to get off the bike and I fell down, it was really funny, I was lying down laughing my head off hahaha. For the record, it didn’t happen again 🙂


For 10 days we traveled through some parts of Costa Rica, from the capital city to different places such as Poas Volcano, which we couldn’t visit because it was very foggy. Then we went to the Eternal Forest for Children, stayed with a wonderful family, played ‘Tickling soccer’ with the kids, which is a game I invented. Afterwards, we went hiking in that amazing forest, we also passed by a waterfall during the road. Then we headed to Playa Tamarindos. At this point, it was very hard arriving at the hot beach wearing leather, motorcycle suit, boots and helmet, but drinking a cold beer was refreshing. I have a funny story about trying to swim there. I’m not so good at swimming in the open water, but I was swimming and when I realized that I was several meters away from the shore, I started to drown, hahaha. In the end nothing bad happened, as I was rescued by my hero. Another day, we went to El Arenal, a beautiful place with a near volcano and nice lake. We stayed in a hotel where there was a Beer Factory with delicious beer.


During this trip, I noted that traveling on a motorcycle requires a big effort, from learning how to travel light and how to pack, to checking the motorbike, your gear (clothes, helmet, protection equipment, etc), reviewing your routes with anticipation, trying to ride with the sunlight, having a Plan B in case the route you take is dangerous, for example: muddy, no signaling on the roads, etc.

In Quepos the police told us that we had to wear a fluorescent vest when we ride the bike, but we didn’t buy anything because we would be in the town just for a couple of days.


In Playa Tamarindos we tried to rent a bike for me to ride, but the person in charge of the bike rental place started to ask me for an International insurance, and about my riding skills, etc. I have to say that at that moment I had only taken the course for riding the bike, but didn’t feel 100% confident to ride there, though I had tried to. In the end, we couldn’t rent the bike for me, so no riding in Costa Rica on my own.

In one of our routes we stopped by in a zoo, we saw colorful animals like toucans, monkeys, leopards, etc.


In another route near the beach, we watched something beautiful. While we were both riding the bike, to our right was the beach, and two red parrots were flying over there… Awesome!


Riding as a passenger, I also realized that you must have a communication that turns into a connection with the one riding the bike, especially for difficult roads, mechanical situations, extreme curves, keeping yourself safe on the bike, etc. Both of you become one person on the bike somehow. That’s what I felt.


Sometimes traveling for so many hours put me in a relaxed mood, and unintentionally I hit my helmet against his while we were riding ‘cause I was sleepy and relaxed… I think sometimes it happens when you are so comfortable. I realized that the motorbike can take you anywhere anytime, it’s independence and freedom. It’s true what they say: “FOUR WHEELS MOVE A BODY, BUT TWO WHEELS MOVE YOUR SOUL”…That’s true!


I look forward to travel again on the motorbike soon 🙂


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