Buying my own gear: helmet, boots, gloves and leather jacket

After Costa Rica, I came back to Mexico City to stay a couple of days, then I traveled to Atlanta, GA for work. While I was there, I went to the Cycle Gear store to buy my gear to ride the bike (first the safety gear and later the bike). It would be my first real step to be prepared to ride the bike. One of my colleagues drove me to the nearest store, where I spent some time looking for a nice and colorful AGV helmet, a pair of waterproof boots, an awesome leather jacket with protections, and a pair of gloves. I picked a pair of Fox gloves for kids to ride motocross, those were the ones that fitted my small hands well so I felt comfortable. For the helmet I had no idea what size was good for me. I thought that S was right, but no, it wasn’t. Then, then I tried the same AGV helmet but M size, it fitted my head very well and it had the DOT certification.

helmet 1


An important note is that a good helmet must have at least a DOT or/and SNELL certifications. It guarantees good protection and safety for your head if needed.

DOT: This is a certification given by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). It indicates that the helmet passed minimal resistance and quality tests that the DOT requires. To sum up this is a helmet with the minimal safety requirements. Certainly, a helmet with a DOT certification is a better option than one without any certification.

SNELL: This is a certification given by the SNELL MEMORIAL FOUNDATION. This is a laboratory in California that makes tests periodically. They are stricter than DOT and guarantee that all helmets are manufactured with the same quality.

Funny note: Originally, I wanted the “Chicken helmet” designed by AGV because my siblings usually call me “Pollo” (Chicken) but there weren’t any in the store.

Chicken helmet

So, I got my helmet, boots, gloves and jacket, but… I had a small problem. After Atlanta, I had to fly to Europe for a work event, and it would have been really difficult to handle all this stuff. Thankfully, my friends from work helped me. Mundo took my jacket, boots and gloves in his suitcase, and Richie took my helmet. I truly appreciate this gentle gesture by my friends, I couldn’t have done it without their help.

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