Motivation to learn to ride the bicycle in 3 days

After Cody continued his journey, I was very curious about riding motorcycles. But I had to start with the first step: learning to ride a bicycle. I felt very motivated to do it, so I found a bicycle store near home, where they teach you how to ride the bike. Chela is the name of the woman who taught me.

As you can guess they taught me on a pretty small bike, and the first 20 minutes I was screaming because I was afraid of falling down. It was kind of funny but I was determined, I wanted to ride the bike, and Cody told me that it was key to learning how to ride the motorcycle.

Finally after 3 days, I learned to ride the bicycle!! It was a big success!! Chela, the woman who taught me to ride was very glad for me, she cheered me up all the time and that helped me to reach my goal. After that, Chela and Pepe (the owner of the bicycle store) lent me that small bike, so I used to practice almost every day. I even attended some work meetings near home. It was cool arriving on the bike!

bici afuera de Indi

The following days, I went riding the bike in a park near home, and one of the songs that I  listened a lot was: “And I was a boy from school” by Hot Chip. It reminded me of something special…

bici pic espejo

bici en Chapultepec con Bernie y Tere

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