I met someone nice and his motorbike adventure

Everything started at my birthday party back approximately one year ago in December 2013. My sister met a friend’s friend from USA who was traveling in Mexico and Central America riding his motorcycle, his name is Cody. We talked a bit that day, and fortunately he stayed in Mexico city a couple more days so we could get to know each other. One thing that intrigued me and was interesting was his adventure, firstly because he is a great guy, secondly because he was traveling and this is my passion too, and thirdly because he was doing that on his bike. It was awesome!

mi cumple 2013Cody's helmet


  1. Guadalupe

    Hola Gaby!!!
    Que cosa mas padre me has dado la oportunidad de saber de ti, mil gracias de verdad, Dios te bendiga y te cuide mucho, disfruta y sigue aprendiendo y también dando ejemplo, como a mi, gracias por demostrarme que es posible una frase que me gusta mucho:
    “Dios no te hubiese dado la posibilidad de soñar, sin darte también la posibilidad de convertir tus sueños en realidad”
    Gracias por compartir este sueño convertido en una hermosa realidad
    Saludos sinceros
    Guadalupe Marquez (ATI)

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